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Take your fundraising to the NEXT LEVEL with these tips gathered from top Dempsey Challenge fundraisers.



Put your money where your heart is
  • Make the first donation yourself so people see how strongly you believe in the cause.
Be a conversation-starter
  • Carry your Dempsey Challenge swag with you and be ready to tell your story.
Make it personal
  • Share your story and tell people why you’re raising money. Send personal emails and notes whenever possible. Always send a thank you note to donors telling them how much you appreciate their support.
Track your progress
  • Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress in your workplace or community center. You could even put up a map of your route and auction off miles, kilometers, or sections.
Be visible
  • Customize your email signature by adding a direct link to your Personal Dempsey Challenge Webpage. Ask to be featured in your company or organization’s newsletter or internal website.
  • Make multiple fundraising posts on social media. Most of your followers don’t see every post.
  • Use our social media images to help promote the Challenge and champion your cause!
Use corporate team support
  • Ask a company executive at your workplace to send an endorsement memo announcing that they are participating in the Dempsey Challenge. Look into matching gift policies.
Set a high goal
  • Make it fun, be creative, and see where it takes you!
Use your tools
  • Your Participant Center includes a personal fundraising page you can update, tell your story, send out by email, and share on social media. Take advantage of these tools by logging in to your Participant Center often.
  • Check out the Dempsey Challenge Fundraising Resources to help you promote your efforts!
Just ask!
  • Start today. Ask someone who you're sure won't say no. This will help break the ice and get you on the right track!



Inspire your donors to give more by offering incentives at different gift levels! You don’t have to make it complicated, just FUN! Here are some examples:

  • Dedicate a mile to someone of your donor’s choice.
  • Offer to wear a silly (but safe!) article of clothing during your ride, walk, or run.
  • Write your donor’s name or that of their loved one on yourself or your bike during the ride.
  • Cook your donor a special dinner or bake a batch of cookies.
  • Video yourself singing a silly song of your donor’s choice at the Challenge Finish Line.

Visit our Resources tab for an Incentive level template and get creative!


A "Do It Yourself" Fundraising Event (DIY) is a great way to fundraise for the Dempsey Challenge! A DIY is any event, promotion, or activity that you organize and execute to benefit the Dempsey Center. You can even create an DIY through your Participant Center for proceeds to directly impact your Dempsey Challenge fundraising! We’ll even provide some great tools to help promote your event.

Ideas for a DIY are limitless! We’ve come up with a short list to get your creative juices flowing.

Throw a Party (With a Fee)

With suggested donations and entry fees, you can raise a lot of money through parties and events. Set up a laptop or tablet so donors can use a credit card to give directly to your fundraising page. Some ideas:

Dinner Party Champagne Brunch Wine Tasting
Cocktail Party Treasure Hunt Chili Cook-Off
Cookie Bake-Off Dessert Raffle Party Poker Night
Guided Bike Tour Donations in Lieu of Gifts Paint Night Party
Get the Neighborhood Involved
  • Have a friend who sells great products like Avon, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One or Scentsy? Partner up to host a party where profits are donated to your fundraising!
  • Ask a local restaurant to donate 10% of profits on a designated night.
  • Contact a local redemption center and set up an official drop-off point for your fundraising where family, friends and neighbors can drop off bottles and cans for your fundraising efforts.
Hold a Raffle

Get your supporters fired up by offering them a chance to win a prize as they help you fundraise! Consider holding a monthly raffle ― a donation that month is the entry ticket ― or incorporating a raffle into an event. Some ideas:

  • Wine or Beer Package
  • Gourmet Chocolate Basket
  • Homemade Desserts
  • Sports Tickets
  • Photography Session

Are you pumped about hosting a DIY? Click below to review our tools and guidelines!



Create a Facebook Fundraiser
  • People who do this raise more money, more easily!
  • Have a birthday or special occasion coming up? Ask for donations to your Dempsey Challenge fundraising efforts instead of gifts.
  • You can create a Facebook Fundraiser right from your Participant Center!
Create A Facebook Event to Promote Your DIY
  • Easily share your event and invite your friends
  • Use #DempseyChallenge on social media so you can see other posts like yours!
  • Invite @DempseyCenter to your Facebook event so we can add it to our calendar
  • Refer to your event as a: Dempsey Challenge Independent Fundraising Event to benefit the Dempsey Center and tag us to broaden your audience!
  • Use these DIY Facebook Event cover photos or make your own!
  • Get some helpful event tips from Facebook here
Use Our Social Media Tool Kit
  • Choose your favorite Dempsey Challenge cover photo or profile pic to post to your favorite social media accounts
  • Check out these Social Media Tips + Tools
  • Find all Dempsey Challenge social media resources here

There are so many great ways to raise money for the Dempsey Challenge beyond what we’ve listed here. If you have a fun idea, go for it! And if one of your ideas turned out great, let us know! We’re always blown away by our supporters’ creativity. We just might share your great idea to inspire other Dempsey Challengers!


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