A. No, Dempsey Challenge 2020 will be virtual this year. Following extensive monitoring and review of the current CDC and WHO guidelines and directives from local and public safety and public health officials, we feel it is in the best interest of the Dempsey Challenge and the Dempsey Center to adjust the weekend program accordingly.

It is a weekend that our community eagerly anticipates and is a time of celebration and remembrance. Given that many in our community are in a high-risk population, it’s important we maintain our mission of making life better for those managing the impact of cancer. The decision to host our weekend virtually aligns with that mission.

We welcome you to register, fundraise, participate and celebrate with us on September 26 + 27.

A. Dempsey Challenge 2020 is happening now, culminating in a weekend of celebration on September 26 + 27. Our goal is to fundraise $1.5 million, while tracking 1.5 million miles of activity during the month of September. 
To stay connected with the Dempsey Challenge community as we gear up for the #ReimaginetheChallenge virtual weekend on September 26 + 27 you can join the Dempsey Challenge Strava Club here. We’ll have challenges, online events and amazing incentives along the way to keep you motivated!

A. It’s super easy! Register to run, walk, rider OR “choose your own Challenge” (kayaking, hiking, dancing, or whatever brings you joy). We’ve eliminated the fundraising minimums this year, so set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 or more — and then start training and asking friends and family to support your goal. 

On the weekend of September 26 + 27, you will have the opportunity to participate in the #ReimaginetheChallenge virtual events wherever you are, around the world. Our virtual experience will be hosted on two world-best activity platforms, Strava and Zwift. We will support and encourage you to complete your own Dempsey Challenge, regardless of your access to technology.

To stay connected with the Dempsey Challenge community as we gear up for the #ReimaginetheChallenge virtual weekend on September 26 + 27 join the Dempsey Challenge Strava Club here.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

A. If you've already paid a fee for your registration, your fee will be credited toward your fundraising total. As an appreciation, you will also automatically unlock the first fundraising incentive, a virtual goody bag containing product offerings from our Dempsey Challenge partners. You will also receive an entry into the grand prize drawing, with an exclusive prize pack furnished by our partners.

If you wish to postpone your participation in the Dempsey Challenge until 2021, please email us at [email protected] to request a refund of your registration fee.

Q. If I'm already registered, do I need to register as a Virtual Challenger? +

A. No, you can continue to stay registered for your planned activity and distance.

Our virtual experience will be hosted on two world-best activity platforms, Strava and Zwift. We will support and encourage you to complete your own Dempsey Challenge, regardless of your access to technology. 

Q. Is there a minimum fundraising requirement for Dempsey Challenge 2020? +

A. There is no fundraising minimum, however we encourage you to set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 or more. The Dempsey Center continues to provide vital cancer support services and needs your support!

Q. What is Strava and how do I join the Dempsey Challenge club? +

A. Our virtual experience will be hosted on Strava, a world-leading fitness and tracking app. Click here for a How To guide to Strava.

Q. Is there a registration fee for Dempsey Challenge 2020? +

A. The registration fee for Dempsey Challenge 2020 is a suggested donation of $20. There is no required registration fee. As a reminder, a $20 donation unlocks the first incentive - a virtual goody bag!

A. Any and all ages are welcome to participate in Dempsey Challenge 2020.

A. Visit and click register. There, you’ll choose your activity, set your mileage and fundraising goals and get access to your customizable Participant Page.

A. Of course! Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you make your changes.

A. Because of our generous sponsors, 100% of funds you raise go directly to making life better for people impacted by cancer. In 2019, Dempsey Challenge participants fundraised more than $1.25 million to provide life-changing support services for cancer patients and their families.

Every dollar you raise helps to make life better for people living with cancer.

A. There are no fundraising requirements for the Dempsey Challenge this year. We still encourage you to set a goal that feels comfortable for you — we suggest $250 (or more if you are able). Remember, 100% of what you raise provide vital cancer support services  – at no cost. Every dollar you raise helps to make life better for people living with cancer.

A. Once you log in to your Participant Center, you can edit your fundraising goal from your dashboard page. Simply click the pencil icon next to your current goal to adjust it.

A. Absolutely! Check out the prizes and bragging rights you can earn on the Incentives page.

A. New for 2020, our Incentive Store, brought to you by Rogue Wear, allows you to choose your gift based on the total amount you've fundraised. If you've raised at least $500 by September 30, 11:59 PM, you will receive a link in your email to order 1 incentive item of your choosing. The more you fundraise, the more options you will have!

Q. When is the fundraising deadline to receive my incentives? +

A. The fundraising deadline to raise $250 for a t-shirt and water bottle is August 1, 2020. All other incentive deadlines are September 30, 2020. 

A. Join our Dempsey Challenge Fundraising Group on Facebook and share them to the page using the hashtag #ReimaginetheChallenge. Or email us at [email protected]. Get creative, but please be sure to stay within health and safety guidelines.

A. As we reimagine our event in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we do not anticipate having any volunteer roles this year.
However, we still need your big hearts and energy! We invite you to take the Volunteer Challenge to help us reach our goal of $1.5 million fundraised and 1.5 million miles moved. Register as a Virtual Challenger, set your fundraising and activity goals and you’re in!

Q. What can I do to help this year? +

A. Register and recruit! This year, we invite you to be part of our amazing community of fundraisers while riding, walking, running — or doing an activity of your choice! Register as a Virtual Challenger, choose your activity and mileage, set your fundraising goal (we suggest $250) and you’re in! 

Imagine if every one of our 900+ volunteers fundraised at least $250 – that would mean $225,000 raised to support the Dempsey Center's mission of making life better for people managing the impact of cancer! Together, we CAN make a difference!

A. Your donors’ gifts are already hard at work providing vital  services to people impacted by cancer. At a time when social distancing is required to keep our communities safe, the Dempsey Center is now offering cancer support services virtually – support groups, counseling, nutrition and fitness consultations, and yoga, nutrition, and meditation classes.

For a complete list of services, please visit  

Q. How do I donate to The Dempsey Challenge? +

A. Donate online with your credit card. Alternatively, you can mail in donations (cash, check or credit card) using our Offline Donation Tracking Form. Please make checks payable to Dempsey Center. If you are donating to a specific participant (Run/Walker, Rider or Virtual Challenger), be sure to include the participant and/or team name to whom you are donating on the check memo line.
Dempsey Challengers: If you receive a check that is made out to you, you can endorse the check on the back to Dempsey Center.

Checks can be mailed to:

The Dempsey Challenge

P.O. Box 277

Auburn, ME 04212


A. Cash donations can only be accepted in-person at either Dempsey Center location (29 Lowell Street in Lewiston or 778 Main Street in South Portland). Our physical locations are not currently accepting visitors due to COVID-19, so we encourage you to deposit cash into your account and mail a check for the amount. If you opt to do this, please include the name and address of the donor so we can send a thank you and tax acknowledgement if the donation is $250 or more. 

For your convenience, a Donation Tracking Sheet is available.

A. Yes. The Dempsey Center is a nonprofit incorporated in the state of Maine and accepting donations from all 50 states. Our tax ID number is 82-1547129. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

All donations $250 and up, made payable to and received by the Dempsey Center will receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes. All online donations will receive a tax receipt instantly via email – please keep it for your records. If you donate via check, the name and address appearing on the check will receive a thank you and tax acknowledgment. 

A. Individual donations are made directly to the participant and count towards their fundraising goal. To make an individual donation, choose Donate To A Participant. Use the participant search function by entering the participant’s first and last names and clicking the ‘search’ button. Scroll down to view results.

Team donations: If you want to make a team donation with the intention of distributing equal amounts to each team member, this must be done by CASH or CHECK only. We do not have the ability to divide a credit card donation. Please keep in mind that we only accept cash donations in person, and our locations are currently not open to visitors due to COVID-19.

You can use our Team Donation Worksheet to split team member donations.

A. Definitely! Simply ask your HR rep to submit the paperwork to the Dempsey Center. Be sure to note the matching gift is for the Dempsey Challenge. Once we receive the matching gift, we’ll post to your Participant Page. Please note the time it takes to receive the actual gift can vary depending on your company. Some companies will send the money within a couple weeks of your request, while others take months to send the money. 

Matching gifts are an easy way to increase your fundraising! Be sure to encourage your donors to submit matching gift requests to leverage your fundraising.


A. They can donate by credit card to your personal fundraising page and enter the amount in American dollars. Please encourage any Canadian friends to donate online instead of by check.

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