For one special week, Hannaford is sponsoring Dempsey Challenge Youth Match Week for participants ages 23 and under. The first 150 youth and young adult participants to raise $50 will receive a donation match directly on their fundraising page.

Our $1.5 million dollar fundraising goal looms large, but with Hannaford’s initiative to get our youth and young adults involved in their communities, we will get there!

•  Donations must be received between Monday, September 14 12:00 AM EDT - Friday, September 20, 11:59pm EDT
Open to all officially registered Dempsey Challenge 2020 participants ages 23 & under to qualify for the match
Not eligible for donations made to a Team
Matches will be applied to your fundraising account no later than Wednesday, September 23
NOTE: You do not need to receive one donation for $50 to receive the match – you simply need to be one of the first 150 individuals to raise a total of $50 by September 20 (e.g., if you receive 5 donations for $10 each to get you to $50 total*, that would qualify you for the match). *The time stamp of the donation getting the individual to $50 will be used to determine the first 200. If you wish to turn in cash and/or checks, please email [email protected] to make arrangements for drop off.

Interested in knowing how YOUR major gift can contribute to a Double the Donation day?

Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-866-990-1499


Nobody beats cancer alone, it takes a team.

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