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Social media is a powerful fundraising tool with the right strategy in place. Here are some tips and tools to help you solicit donations via your social media accounts. You’ll be reaching your Dempsey Challenge fundraising goal in no time!


1. Status Updates

Status updates are easy. They are the bread and butter of telling your network what you are up to. As a fundraiser you should be posting an update regularly, and your posts should always have your personal fundraising page url included in the message. Maybe you’ve had a big donation or finished a particularly hard training session—it could be anything—but keep your updates fresh and interesting.

2. Dress Your Profile

Upload a new profile or cover photo with something related to the Dempsey Challenge (a picture of you training or use one we’ve provided) and add a link to your donation webpage in the image description.

3. Share Official Dempsey Challenge Content

Follow our official event accounts and share our posted content followed by a personal message and link to your donation webpage. You can find us on Facebook @DempseyCenter and @dempsey_center on Instagram.

4. Post Photos

Make sure you try and capture as much of your Dempsey Challenge progress on camera as possible and regularly upload training photos, post from your Independent Fundraising Event, or other event related images.

5. Do Video!

Video is an very powerful medium to get stories and concepts across to people quickly. Share videos of your training, live stream from a fundraising event, or record a fundraising update for your followers.

Dempsey Challenge Hashtags:

#DempseyChallenge #iRideforDempsey
#DempseyChallenge2021 #iRunforDempsey
#UpfortheChallenge #iWalkforDempsey
6. Use Hashtags

Use hashtag #DempseyChallenge when posting and search for “#DempseyChallenge” to get a look at what other people are posting and sharing.

7. Create a Facebook Group

If you are on a team for the Challenge, consider making a Facebook Group for communicating with your teammates. Get some forum discussions going and keep the conversation lively. Groups are also great for sharing fundraising ideas and syncing up with training partners.

8. Use Facebook Messenger 

The internal messaging system in Facebook is powerful and can be a great tool for soliciting donations to people that you might not have an email address for.

9. Say thanks. A lot!

Posting thank you notes is not only a great way to thank your donors, but it also encourages and reminds others to donate as well.


Consider using the following templates when writing status updates that promote your Dempsey Challenge fundraising.

Mission Theme #1:

“In September, I will be [riding, walking, running] in the Dempsey Challenge – a run/walk and cycling fundraising event to benefit the Dempsey Center. 100% of the money I raise will go towards services to make life better for people impacted by cancer. Please consider a donation today!” #DempseyChallenge #ChallengerinTraining

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Mission Theme #2:

“Just a $50 donation provides a complementary massage therapy session for a person living with cancer to help alleviate cancer related symptoms. Please consider a donation to my Dempsey Challenge fundraising to help the Dempsey Center continue their meaningful work!” #DempseyChallenge #UpfortheChallenge

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Training Themed:

“Today I rode X miles as I train for the Dempsey Challenge, please show your support for me and this great cause by donating today!” #DempseyChallenge #iRideforDempsey #ChallengerinTraining

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Take A Challenge Themed:

For the cost of buying Starbucks for you and friend, you can help provide services to make life better for people impacted by cancer. I’m looking for 10 friends to donate $10 today and help get me one step closer to my Dempsey Challenge fundraising goal. Will you take on my $10 Challenge?  #DempseyChallenge #UpfortheChallenge

(be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Challenge is Approaching Themed:

“There is only one month until I participate in the Dempsey Challenge! Please help me reach my fundraising goal!” #DempseyChallenge #DempseyChallenge2021

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

50% to Goal Themed:

“I just hit the halfway point to my fundraising goal for the #DempseyChallenge, please help me get that last half today!” #DempseyChallenge2021

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Thank You Theme #1:

“A huge shout out to [tag names] for supporting me and the Dempsey Center with their generous donations last week! Please join them by donating today!” #DempseyChallenge #DempseyChallenge2021 #UpfortheChallenge

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Thank You Theme #2:

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to my fundraising page as I prepare for the Dempsey Challenge. I have officially hit my goal! Now let’s surpass it! Every dollar I raise directly goes to services for people impacted by cancer.” #DempseyChallenge #DempseyChallenge2021

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

Raffle Themed:

“FLASH CHALLENGE! Anyone who donates $25 or more through (date) to support me while I bike in the Dempsey Challenge will be entered to win [raffle item]. Each $25 donation increases your chances to win and every dollar I raise goes directly to no-cost services for people impacted by cancer! Enter my Challenge today!” #DempseyChallenge #iRideforDempsey #UpfortheChallenge

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)

In Honor of Theme:

“I am participating in the #DempseyChallenge in September in honor of [friend/loved one]. It’s quick and easy to donate online to support me and 100% of the dollars raised will make life better for people impacted by cancer!” #DempseyChallenge2021 

(Be sure to include your personal Dempsey Challenge link)


A picture is worth a thousand words! Adding images to your social media communications make your posts more interesting and engaging. Choose a cover photo, post, or profile pic below to share to your favorite social media platforms.

Right click on image and choose "open image in new tab" to view full size. Right click and choose "save as" to download.

Profile Pics



Profile Photo Overlays

Cover Photos













Years Participated Badges
Download your Years Participated Badge to show your supporters how long you’ve been taking the Challenge! Upload it to your social, add it to your email signature, or use it on your personal fundraising page! It’s a great way to show everyone your dedication to the Dempsey Challenge, whether it’s your first year, or you’re a veteran participant!


Do you have a great fundraising event idea? Make sure to utilize social media to promote your event!

  • Easily share your event and invite your friends
  • Use #DempseyChallenge on social media so you can see other posts like yours!
  • Invite @DempseyCenter to your Facebook event so we can share it on our Facebook page.
  • Refer to your event as a: Dempsey Challenge DIY Event to benefit the Dempsey Center and tag us to broaden your audience!
  • Choose one of our DIY Event cover photos below, or create your own!
  • Learn more about Facebook Events here
  • Learn more about DIY Events here

DIY Facebook Event Cover Photos 


Dempsey Challenge DIY Logos

Download one of the DIY Challenge logos for your flyer, brochure or other promotional materials. Need a larger high-quality image for a banner or other need at your event? Just email us the specs and we'll get you what you need!


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