Amanda Dempsey Award 

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Named in memory of Patrick Dempsey’s mother Amanda Dempsey, the award is presented to a cancer survivor who has a passion for helping Mainers with cancer. Although Amanda was reserved and humble, she had a warm presence, and was passionate about giving back to her community. 

Amgen Oncology has been the presenting sponsor of the Amanda Dempsey Award for 14 years. Amgen Oncology is committed to the relentless pursuit of breakthroughs for cancer patients and their families.  Amgen Oncology has a deep and diverse pipeline of cutting-edge therapeutic approaches that aim to improve outcomes.  Amgen Oncology has been pursuing novel treatment approaches for more than 40 years and will never stop looking toward the next frontier of innovation to bring the greatest potential benefit to patients. To learn more about Amgen Oncology, visit or follow on Twitter.




Sue Craib


Past winners include Jon Henry (2020), Priscilla "Pat" Rollins (2019), Barbara Deschenes (2018), Christina Parrish (2017), Brooke Ismail (2016), Dr. James Campbell (2015), Nel Bernard (2014), Hailey Sontag (2013), Kristen Short (2012), Laura Davis (2011), Scott Thomas (2010), and Carlene Sperry and Allen Lariviere (2009).

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