The Dempsey Challenge is all about community — our community of participants as well as our community of sponsors. Since 2009, we have relied on the support of our corporate partners to help build the Dempsey Challenge into the amazing, inspirational, global event it is today.

From a corporate teams to  matching donations, there are many ways to get involved.


Now that the Dempsey Challenge has gone global, it's easier now - more than ever - to connect your employees together as you run, walk or ride from wherever you are in the world. There are no barriers to create a corporate team across the country - or even the globe - as you engage employees to unite together to make a difference. Many – if not all – of your employees have been impacted by cancer, and 100% of dollars employee raise will go directly to programs and services that make life better for people facing a cancer diagnosis. This is a great way to recognize their passion and support their corporate pride.

As a bonus, when you register as a corporate team, you will be eligible for the Top Corporate Fundraising Team.

For questions about how to start a corporate team, contact [email protected].


When cancer’s part of someone’s life, it makes such a difference to know that their colleagues and leaders stand behind them. Support your Dempsey Challengers by:

Establishing a team and kickstarting each employees’ fundraising.

Consider contributing a certain amount, such as $150. Employees often find that a small boost gives them the confidence to raise much more.

Offering company matching donations to your employees participating in the Dempsey Challenge.

For example, if an employee donates $200 to her own fundraising, your company would contribute an equal match of $200. They participate, you support an amazing event, and more money goes towards making life better for people impacted by cancer: win, win, win!  

Covering registration fees

Cover the registration fee for your employees who wish to participate in the Dempsey Challenge. Employees will be responsible for meeting their fundraising requirements, and your boost will put get them going in the right direction!

To offer paid registration fees to your employees, please contact [email protected].

Interested in sponsorship? We’d love to have your support.

Contact Chrissie Penney, Chief Advancement Officer, to have a conversation on how your corporation can support the Dempsey Center through sponsorship of the Dempsey Challenge.


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