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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Support people managing the impact of cancer by creating a unique fundraising campaign! efforts will help provide a haven of support to cancer patients, their loved ones, and care partners—all at no cost. 

How it works

We’ll give you the tools to make your fundraiser a success, and will be by your side every step of the way!


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 Collect donations for every mile you run or ride, host a backyard dinner party, sell lemonade or cookies, organize a classic car and motorcycle show, or go all-out with a star-studded gala! Once created, you can customize your online page to make it personal. Add pictures and share why you want to raise funds for the Dempsey Center!                                                                    100% of donations collected through your fundraiser will provide complementary cancer services to patients, their families and care partners - at no cost.


You make it possible.

"I was only 41 years old, with a wife and two young daughters,
when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fear and sadness dominated my daily thoughts. A friend suggested I learn about the Dempsey Center and I was hooked from day one. I have attended weekly support groups, done one-on-one counseling, and received oncology massage, all at no cost to me. I have found an incredibly supportive community of people who 'get it.' I can’t imagine what my cancer experience would be like without
Dempsey Center services."

Trevor, Cape Elizabeth





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