November 9th, 2018, my wife Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Sue, and I felt like our world stopped.  Still in a bit of shock we shared the news with our parents, siblings, the rest of our families, our friends, our co-workers, and Sue’s players. All these people impacted by this one diagnosis. We couldn’t be more grateful for our community because the next 3 years we needed them to get by.  Chemo, radiation, 6 surgeries and the emotional tole it took on everyone and it took everyone to get through it.  

Every step of the way Dempsey Center was there for us too.   All-encompassing, they don’t just offer their services to the person infected with the disease but their entire support system as well.   The Dempsey Center is a welcoming environment that offers education, therapy, acupuncture, support groups, and so much more all at no cost!   

We invite you, our community, to join our team to help raise money for the Dempsey Center so they may continue to provide such amazing services at no cost to cancer patients and their families.  If you can't join us, please consider making a donation.  

Thank you so very much,

Tom, Sue and The Estabrook Family



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