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Karen (Marcotte) Cook

If you knew Karen, you will always remember her kindness and her smile.  She had a smile that not only brightened the room, she had a smile that warmed your heart.  She had a calming and soothing nature that was contagious.  Karen was always more concerned with others than herself.  Even in her suffering and sickness she was more concerned about you and would ask "Are you are going to be okay?"  To say that Karen was a caretaker is an understatement.  She made it her mission to make sure that we were all taken care of....and she often did it with humor.  She didn't like being the center of attention and if you looked at her too long she would yell "stop looking at me".  Karen was loyal and dependable in everything she did - from being there for family and friends to remembering dates, events, or situations.  She had one job her entire life - for 35 years, since her senior year in high school - but she would tell you started when she was 12.  

It so hard to sum the life of such an amazing person as words just don't seem to truly express the impact that Karen has had on all of our lives, but the words from her niece, Anna-Rose do come close;

Oh Auntie, I hope you know one thing – I love you so much, we all do.

You’re so beautiful – you are the one person who has the ability to light up the room with just your smile.

At every holiday – seeing you and having you there has been so amazing, the Santa hat you wore as I was your little helper, the bears that you loved, the hugs that you gave, the heart you had making sure the people you loved knew that that you loved them, but more than anything making sure your family unit was strong and stable.

I had no idea that time would be so short for me to know you and spend time with you auntie, but I guess that life just has a way of doing this to us – we spend the first part of our adulthood just trying to get comfortable until something catastrophic comes and smacks us down.

My heart is mourning over the loss of such an amazing spirit – someone that I loved and cared deeply for.  You fought hard, you showed so much strength, and I hope you know that you are so incredibly loved by everyone in our family and those whose lives you have touched.

You are so strong and independent, and you will be incredibly missed and even more so remembered.

Life is so unpredictable….unfair, and its not easy, but I am forever grateful to have your imprint in my life.  Your beautiful heart will live on in all of the many lives you have touched.

Just know, in remembrance of you, we are all going to do great things as you would want. 

Auntie you have always been there for us, its now our turn to be there for others, just as you would want – We love you.

Karen lost her battle with Esophageal Cancer on May 4, 2019.  She was a devoted and loving wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, mother and grandmother.  Her smile and kindness will always be remembered by all that knew her.  We all miss her and struggle to heal.  Life goes on but the hurt is still there.  We are blessed to have a strong network of family and friends that can share in both the grief and the healing process.  We are also blessed to have the Dempsey Center in our community.  The Dempsey Center is a beacon of hope for those battling cancer....for both the patient and for their loved ones.  This is also true for those left behind after a loved one passes.  This is why we have chosen to dedicate a room at the Dempsey in Karen's name.  Sometimes the best way to heal is to help others heal.

We chose the Massage/Reiki Room to be Karen's Room.  We have nicknamed it Karen's "Feel Good" Room.  If you have ever battled cancer or any other life threatening illness, you know how difficult the treatment can be.   You are always sick and tired of being sick and tired.  All you want to do is just feel good, even if it is just for a short time.  What better than a massage or reiki to help you feel a little better.  Please help us help others by donating to Karen's Room and by supporting Karen's Ride for the Dempsey Center.  Karen's Ride for the Dempsey Center is an annual motorcycle ride that benefits the Dempsey Center.  It will be held on the first Saturday of June starting in 2021.      

To Donate Karen's Room, please click on the "Support Me" Link above.

Karen's Ride for the Dempsey in 2023 will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2023 - rain or shine.  The ride will start at L-A Harley Davidson and end at The New Auburn Post 153 American Legion for food, drinks, and music featuring Fire in the Hole.  

Schedule is as follows:

Registration at L-A Harley 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM  

Cost is as follows:  $20.00 per person

Kickstands Up at 12 Noon - Police escorted Ride to the "Snow Falls Gorge" in West Paris and end at The New Auburn Post 153 American Legion

Ride is approx. 100 miles, 2 hours 55 minutes with 20 minute stop at Snow Falls Gorge

Food at The New Auburn Post 153 American Legion 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Suggested Donation is $10.00 per person

Music and Entertainment featuring Fire in the Hole 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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